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Basic Adulting

Let’s face it – adulting is hard!! In each fun session, eat together and learn hands-on skills to make adulting a breeze! If you’d like to sign up for our basic adulting classes email Doretha HERE!

All classes are subject to change. Stay up to date on this page or our on our Facebook Page.

February 15th: “Budgeting with Brandy” - 5:30 pm

“Learn to budget your money and create beneficial financial plans.”

February 22nd: "Good Looks Grows on Trees (in the dirt too)" - 5:30 pm

“Join our basic adulting class to become motivated to eat those veggies! Learn new ways to use vegetables in every day eating habits and their nutrition value.”

March 1st: “Patio Gardening” - 5:30 pm

“Learn how to grow a garden on your back porch!”

March 8th: “Communicating through Conflict” - 5:30pm

“Learn how to communicate with difficult people, or through conflict.”

March 15th: “Spice up your life” - 5:30 pm

“Join Doretha in learning how to blend spices together to make any meal flavorful.”

March 22nd: “Financial Control” - 5:30 pm

“Learn to get a hold over your finances and create a well-balanced budget.”

March 29th: “Basic yoga” - 5:30 pm

“Learn the importance of stretching and meditation in this relaxing yoga class. Wear active clothes and bring water, prepare to leave relaxed.”

April 6th - May 25th - Mortal Combat Self Defense Course - 5:30pm

“Come join us for our Basic Adulting class about Mortal Combat and self defense taught by professional, Jeff Lockwood. Learn how to protect yourself and others during this 8 week course.”

Tuesdays: 5:30 – 7:00PM

April 5th: "Taste the Herbs"

“Let’s learn tips on how to plant herbs and the health benefits of cooking with them from Karla Kean!”

April 12th: "Best Financial Plans with Mr. Best"

“Daniel Best wants to teach us how to create financial plans that are practical and easy to follow – dont miss this class!”

April 19th: "Sit Down, We Need to Communicate"

“Learn the importance of healthy communication and helpful tricks to enhance discussion in all relationships with Vicki York.”

April 26th: "Cake Decorating"

“Join this fun class on Abby Carter’s presentation of how to decorate delicious cakes!”

May 3rd: "Tomato, Tomato"

“Learn how to grow tomatoes and other vegetables on your patio! Simple potting with the wonderful Karla Kean!”

May 10th: "Make That Money Rain.... Into Your Savings Account"

Daniel Best wants to teach us important and practical saving tools; as well as budgeting skills. You won’t want to miss these important life skills!”

May 17th: "We Need to Communicate" - Part 2

“This is the second part of Vicki York’s communication class. Learn the importance of healthy communication and helpful tricks to enhance discussion in all relationships.”

Upcoming classes:
1. Car maintenance
2. Home-buying
3. self defense
And much more!!

Grits and Gravy - Manna Café Ministries

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