Welcome to Manna Café!

The Mission of Manna Café is to creatively and compassionately restore hope and dignity to the broken and poor. The key vehicles through which we accomplish this mission include food, shelter, and community—three of the most basic but vital needs of every person. We confront food insecurity in this region by providing nutritionally sound, balanced meals as well as 60-pound boxes of groceries to those who are lacking. The portion of our mission that is most relative to this proposal is that we also aspire to salvage as much food as possible from being wasted by grocery stores and restaurants, pairing it instead with those in need.Welcome To Manna Café

As of 2014, we also provide emergency shelter to protect the homeless from the elements during periods of extreme weather. As we present people with food and shelter, the third vehicle—community—is cultivated by way of conversation; group interaction; a common locale; a sense of belonging; and shared tasks, traditions, activities, and meals.

As a faith-based organization, our mission springs from the desire to serve “the least of these” while also tearing down the “us-and-them” mindset. To this end, we welcome everyone-male and female, young and old, homeless and wealthy-to be a part of our team, both volunteer and staff.

Manna Café’s long-term goals include permanent, transitional housing for the homeless along with life and job skills training in subjects such as resumé building and money management.