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Someone’s Friend

Every homeless person is someone’s son, daughter, or friend. Kenny explains why this fact is part of the reason he’s committed to loving the “unlovable.”  

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Dancing Around Obedience

I, like many if not most believers, have a great collection of excuses I use to dance around obedience to God. Have you ever sensed the Lord’s displeasure about a certain behavior and prayed, “Lord, give me the grace to stop”? And yet He’s...

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Pilate’s Mistake

Pilate didn’t have a problem with Jesus. In fact, he realized that Jesus was not at fault and that there was something unique about Him. The Bible makes it clear he even felt uncomfortable when he turned Jesus over to the horde. Pilate’s downfall...

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The “Small” Things that Really Matter

One statement I hear all the time is, “I really do care, but what are some ways I can prove it?” After this past weekend, I don’t have to look far for examples of how to care about the poor and hurting in our community. Volunteers sorting food back...

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For Ministers Who Are Married

  Wow, it was good to get back to my own home on the 31st—to stop worrying about whether someone was going to find my camp, or how cold it was going to get, or how much rain was in the forecast. I spent my first 36 hours back home with...

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My Last Night in the Woods

Annie the therapy dog. From my writings on Thursday night: This time tomorrow, I’ll be in my home, hugging my amazing wife who I’ve missed so much this past couple of weeks. I’ll also be petting and laughing at Annie, my very lovable therapy dog...

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I Survived

Well, for all you who were wondering if—or praying that—I survived the rain and storms without getting wet: it was a little scary at times, but I have to confess that there was a concrete deck that I had permission to stand under. So when it got really...

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The Ramblings of a Crazy Man

Sorry I haven’t written in a couple of days, but honestly I just haven’t had the words. The last few days have been rough, as you read in Vicki’s blog (which made me cry—but I cry about everything right now). Y’all, I thought no one could...

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From My Wife’s Point of View

  A few days ago, I asked my wife if she’d share her perspective. This is her response: My husband Kenny was homeless for a while in ’96, while going through a divorce and trying to keep his business afloat. You’d think that one such...

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Wrestling with Shame

Friday I stayed pretty close to camp. I worked on making sure my tent could withstand the rain forecasted for the next week. Saturday, the rain kept me in my tent way more than I had planned. It’s hard to risk getting wet when you don’t know how or when...

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