Food Ministries

Manna Cafe carries out food ministry through the following programs: Mobile Cafe, Food Distribution, Mobile Pantry, and Cafe Catering…

Mobile Cafe: 

Mobile Cafe consists of taking hot, appetizing meals to various outdoor locations. Sometimes we include worship and a brief church service; other times, we simply offer hot food, a smile, and the love of Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Presently, Mobile Café consists of Tuesday Night Café, Thursday Night Café, and two Saturday Morning breakfasts. One of our regular guests, Miss Marcia Ovrebo, commented on Facebook about Mobile Cafe:

“HONESTY AND REAL — two qualities among many at the Manna Cafe servings on Thurs evenings . . . on both sides of the serving (and of the being served) . . . a lesson many of us need to explore, study, and apply. THANX for helping meet my needs — prayer, breaking bread together, and caring. ALL blended together to make transformations for good in & for my life. YOU meet needs that others do not take seriously or are not available to meet; thanx!!!”

Food Distribution:

Our goal is to feed as much as we can to as many as we can. By way of our food pantry at the Manna House (i.e. the warehouse at 1319 E. Franklin St.), we distribute grocery boxes throughout the week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00-4:00. Food drives are a key way to collect non-perishables; if you’d like to participate in a drive, see the following list for ideas as to what we need…

Canned chili
Canned, ready-to-serve soups
Canned beans
Canned mixed vegetables
Peanut butter
Tomato sauce
Spaghetti sauce
Pizza sauce
Deviled ham
Any other canned meats
Any canned fruit
Macaroni noodles
Mac and cheese mix
Dried beans
Bottled water
Bottled drinks (juice, Gatorade, etc.)

Mobile Pantry:

In conjunction with Second Harvest Food Bank, we distribute thousands of pounds of groceries to hundreds of families via Mobile Pantries. These take place periodically, always on a Saturday, at various locations throughout the city. All that’s required to receive a box of food is the need for groceries and a valid ID. Check the Calendar page to see when our next Pantry is scheduled.